What is a Fitness Accountability Group?

Are you considering a Beachbody fitness program or just purchased one?

 So now what?

It’s not easy to workout at home, I get it. There are many distractions, the pile of laundry is staring at you, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, your dog needs a walk.

So how do you get motivated to push play?

You join my accountability group. A group of like minded individuals who are starting out on their health & fitness journey as well. More importantly you have me!

  •  You stay committed to starting the program as a group
  •  I help you with your meal plans and understanding the portion fix containers (if you use them)
  •  I am your support for any questions as I have done most of the programs
  • I post daily motivation, support, tips, meals, and hold you accountable
  • You log your workouts and your shakeology if you are drinking it (I’ll add more on that later)

Let’s get started and sign up for my next group.