My Favourite Wireless headphones

fullsizeoutput_1befDoes music inspire you during your workouts? Me too! I’ve been on a hunt the past two years for the perfect wireless headphones to use during my workouts and also for when I travel and use Beachbody on Demand to stream my workouts.

I have small ears so the task at hand was not an easy one. I can say now, that I’ve tried them all, so hear (see what I did there) are my personal opinions on the different types of wireless headphones out there.

Oh and did I find the perfect ones? You bet I did!

  1. Over the ear – Who doesn’t love the look of Beats headphones, I mean hello it comes in gold. While I wasn’t ready to fork out the cash for them, I ordered a pair of wireless headphone on amazon for the fraction of the price, to see if it’s even for me. I feel they are a good headphone if you are just doing something low impact or weight training. If you are doing a higher intensity workout or even yoga for that matter, these specific headphones were either slipping off me of bouncing around. After a while they also started to feel hot, which is no Bueno for me.
  2. Behind the ear – These again ordered on the cheap for testing purposes, and while they are way lighter. They do bounce up and down quit a bit on me, so if you were going for a run or doing other cardio that could get annoying after a while.
  3. In ear wireless – (not picture) I also tried the Jaybird Freedom headphones. First they are so pretty to look at, but more importantly I was attracted to the idea of interchangeable ear buds and support wings. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit my ears and kept popping out so I ended up returning them. I also found the cord that wrapped behind your head to not fit as well as I had hoped.
  4. AirPods – a true wireless headphone. The ultimate game changer for me. These bad boys are worth the hype. They stay in my ear even during high intensity workouts, the sound quality is amazing, I have the option to just use one headphone, and the fact that you have to use Siri to control play, pause, next song etc does not bother me at all. I’ve had these headphone for over 6 months now and they have yet to disappoint!

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