Ready for a shift?


Stuck in a rut, maybe you have plateaued with your results, prepping for an event, or just want to create better habits when it comes with your health and fitness?

Beachbody just released a new program called the Shift Shop. Not only am I excited for a new program, I’m also excited to experience Beachbody’s newest fitness trainer Chris Downing.

This program couldn’t have come at a better time. Summer fun has caught up with me. My nutrition has been sub par. With going through a full kitchen gut renovation and having fun in the sun, I’m ready to tighten up my nutrition and get a butt kicking workout.

So what is this program all about and how is it different from the other ones? Good question. Shift Shop is a 21 day program where each week the workouts get progressively harder and your nutrition changes along with it.

What makes the SHIFT SHOP unique?

  • The SHIFT SHOP uses a revolutionary “ramp-up” method that starts you off slow—then gradually increases the intensity week by week—all while refining your nutrition. This is how you make maximum progress in minimal time.
  • In Week 1 with the SHIFT SHOP, you start with 25-minute cardio and strength workouts you can really do, and a nutrition plan you can stick with.
  • Starting in Week 2, you’re pushing a little harder, for 35 minutes, and consuming more protein to fuel the burn. But it’s nothing you can’t handle.
  • In Week 3, your shift has kicked into high gear, with intense 45-minute workouts and clean eating. The results when you cross the finish line? Stunning.

The results from the test group for this program has been unreal!

My next health and fitness accountability group starts July 24th, I’ll be doing this program so stay tuned for my results.

Want to join my group, or give Beachbody program a try email me at or fill out this form.

Here is a sneak peek!


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