My 5 Fave products for everyday make-up

I love everything about make-up, but since becoming a mom, the days of taking my time putting my make up on in the morning are long behind me.


The past couple years I’ve finally perfected my “everyday” makeup routine with these favourite products of mine.

  1. Beautycounter Tintskin:ย My foundation constantly changes. New to my current routine is this hydrating foundation. It is a light to medium coverage, but definitely buildable. Even better…it’s also good for your skin. (product info)
  2. Maybeline The Falsies Mascara: Always in blackest black, I love the brush and the formula seems to work quite nicely with my super straight lashes. I also use the waterproof version.
  3. Baremineral Bronzer: I have been using this bronzer forever! I use the warmth colour and love using it to add life to a dull face, contouring and giving a that fake glow. (product info)
  4. Maybeline Babylips: Love this tinted lip balm for keeping my lips soft (especially during our brutal winters) and the touch of colour is a bonus. I’m using the Cherry colour. (product info)
  5. Highlighter: I have yet to be loyal to any particular highlighter. I’m currently loving E.L.F Baked highlighter in Pink Diamond and I only costs $4 USD . I use to only be able to get E.L.F products in the states or online, but you can now buy it a Superstore. (product info)

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