Fit for the Whole Family


Just when things couldn’t get any better, Beachbody has added a Kids & Family section to their fitness streaming platform called Beachbody on Demand (BOD). Fitness that’s fun for the whole family. 

I feel keeping fit as a whole family is just as important as taking care of yourself. My current fitness routine is so engrained in my kids minds, that they themselves hold me accountable and even on my rest days they ask “Don’t you need to workout today”. And as the saying goes monkey see, monkey do and on occasion they like to join me and follow along with my workout.

I’m excited for this new addition to  BOD, what a great way to enjoy fitness as a whole family in a fun way. This family collection you will see everything from Tony Horton’s Tony and the Kids to Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club and Rockin’ Body.

The Kids and Family Collection was created to make fitness fun, not just another chore. Learn a dance routine with Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs and bust it out at your next family gathering. Family flash mob goals! Or, teach your kids (and let’s face it, yourself) discipline and balance with tai chi moves from Tai Cheng. Got a bun in the oven? Try Autumn’s Active Maternity for a fit pregnancy.

Want to give Beachbody on Demand a try? Click here!

Here is a small snippet from one of Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club videos 🙂

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