Eating healthy on vacation

Phase two of my metabolic cleanse included a trip to Puerto Vallarta to spend time with a dear friend. I have learned that our adrenal and our stress are certainly related to our gut health and many symptoms we can experience including acne.  So a vacation was in order – yeay! 

As I was just coming off my detox I needed to be careful not to over indulge.

Being in Mexico made it easier, with greater access to a plethora of fresh ingredients.

Be Prepared with Snacks

Snacking is my nemesis, if I don’t have good snacks readily available, my nutrition can goIMG_7245 sideways fast. If you look up the definition of hangry, you will see my picture.

Just like being at home, I needed to make sure I had good snacks on hand. Since I wasn’t staying at a resort and really living the local life, we set out to the closest tienda de frutas. I must say shopping local is one of my favourite things to do on vacation no matter where I go!

My favourite fruit to keep on hand are apples and bananas, since they require little prep. This trip I was able to expand that and enjoy veggies with tajin (a local lemon pepper seasoning). We also bought eggs and had boiled eggs on hand.

Research Ahead of Time

Yes boring I know, but knowledge is power. The most amazing spot I frequented in Puerto Vallarta is a trendy yet quaint spot called Barra Light located in Old town Puerto Vallarta.

Barra Light is a new concept of HEALTHY, FRESH & TASTY food. We have delicious options for breakfast, lunch or dinner to enjoy in our comfortable & friendly atmosphere. We have a great SALAD BAR with fresh and abundant ingredients, adaptable for all needs. Ask for our unique STUFFED BAKED POTATOE (customized for you)! We offer delicious options for BREAKFAST like Oatmeal Plate, Fruit Cocktails, Croissants, Omelettes, Light Chilaquiles… Variety of Paninis, Bagels & Sandwiches. Veggie Soups & Homemade Desserts. A Juice-Theraphy, Shakes & Smoothies menu. Coffee Shop, Teas, Frappés & more… We also have VEGAN & “gluten free” options for you!

Barra Light offers a large variety of options to suit your needs including, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free. My favourite was the freshly made juices, omelets and salad bar. They were extremely accommodating to alter any menu items to suit your preference. Taking your order to go is also an option – bonus!

Make sure to add Barra light to your list of places to eat while in Puerto Vallarta.

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Enjoying Your Cocktails 

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a few cold cocktails on vacation! Luckily almost all of the Mexican beers are very light in calories so you definitely can’t go wrong which any of the brands.

Try to stay away from the really sugary pre-blended drinks. Not only are they loaded with sugar, the sugar will also worsen your hangover. No Bueno.

Try some “lighter” cocktails like mojitos, margarita on the rocks and  my new favourite “ranch water”; see below for the recipe. You can also ask for your cocktails “sin azucar” (no sugar) and add your own stevia to the beverage. I like to carry around the portable squirt bottle or even packets of stevia.

Ranch water:

Run a lime wedge around rim of each serving glass; dip in salt and pepper flakes. Fill glasses with ice. Pour 1 1/2 to 2 ounces tequila into each, top with sparkling water, and serve each with a lime wedge. And voila!

One thought on “Eating healthy on vacation

  1. Erin says:

    I love Ranch Water and find it keeps your hydrated throughout your drinking day – nothing worse than noticing that you haven’t had to use the washroom – ALL DAY! oops!
    I also love Barra Light in Puerto Vallarta, its such an amazing and satisfying option for anytime of day!
    You can totally take care of yourself during a vacation break, thanks for inspiring me!!


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