Food Elimination Detox

fullsizeoutput_1055I recently saw a Naturopath Dr to address some acne issues I’ve been having and to also discuss my interest in overall well-being. I was tired of trying the countless topical treatments and wanted to explore healing from the inside out. After a thorough assessment, the first phase to explore was a food elimination detox. 21 days of following a relatively strict food plan supported with various supplements to help digestion and mineral absorption.

The main foods I had to eliminate were as follows: alcohol, coffee, eggs, melons, oranges, pineapple, banana, shellfish, red meat, all dairy, all gluten (even some gluten-free foods), and my fitness supplements (just for the detox). The general premise of the detox is also to promote healing of any inflammation and promote good gut health.

Allowed brown rice, lots of fruits and veggies, coconut milk, stevia, sunflower seed butter and organic chicken.

Week 1

While my current diet was already pretty clean, since I follow a 80/20 rule with my IMG_6398nutrition, the first week was still really tough. Not so much the food restrictions, but the fatigue that set in as a result of my body ridding itself of toxins.

Pinterest became a huge resource for me to discover recipes that were still yummy, yet compliant with my program.

The hardest elimination for me was eggs!

 I struggled daily with my energy and quite often had to take 10-15 minute power naps just to regain more energy. I still worked out this first week, and listened to my body and adjusted the intensity of my fitness as needed.

Your body uses up more energy to eliminate the toxins and heal your body, so I knew this is exactly what was taking place.

Week 2

I slowly started not to miss coffee… yup I said it out loud! I was still allowed to drink Matcha which is a green tea, which is great since I was starting to incorporate in my day before the detox.  By day 9 I was starting to feel normal again with my energy. Day 10 was the best day… I literally felt amazing all day. Good mood, good energy!

Just as easily as I was ready to give up the first week, I was in such a groove now with my meal plan that knowing I still had another week ahead of me didn’t scare me.

Week 3

Guess what? No surprise I started to feel amazing. No frequent headaches, my energy levels were at optimum levels and most importantly the “angry” acne that I had prior, were starting to shrink and almost disappear.

Not that there was any doubt, but it truly is amazing how your body transforms by what you are putting in it.

I’m happy to say I was able to successfully complete the detox. And it’s easy for me to say now as I write this, but it did go by fast.
The next phase good possibly be the harder part of this process. I will be slowly re-introducing the foods I had eliminated to test and gauge if I have any reactions or if any previous symptoms return. 

How I survived and what I ate

Breakfast: Brown rice oatmeal. I created my own recipe and made brown rice oatmeal and had it everyday topped with coconut milk, shredded coconut and tons of berries

Snacks: Veggies and a lentil hummus, apples and sunbutter, sweet potato toast and brown rice cakes with sun butter and fruit

Lunch: Salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing and chicken or tuna.

Dinner: Thanks to coconut milk, I pretty much lived off of curries. Thai Curry to be exact, my favourite was a veggie Thai curry and a delicious Thai curry soup.

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