Bla Bla Bla – go workout

Copy of and relax -2

Does this image resonate with you? It does with me. That internal struggle we have when we occupy ourselves with other things, when we know we should go workout or move our bodies. Here are some of my tips that have helped me ignore that inner voice.

Going to the gym, a fitness class, yoga or other activities were much more easier before kids. Not that that’s an excuse, it’s just fact.

So when I was ready to start my fitness journey I needed something at my finger tips and preferable a program I could do at home. Through time, I have learned to be disciplined with following my fitness programs. The following simple tips will help you start incorporating fitness into your life, no matter your situation.

Schedule It In

Like literally, put it in your calendar or whatever you use and schedule your fitness. Have a class you go to, great schedule it! Meeting a friend for a walk, schedule it! Doing a workout at home, schedule it.

Make it a priority, and plan your day around it. Once your fitness becomes a routine in your life you are bound to be more consistent and successful.

I use to workout when when my youngest napped and that typically was within the same time frame on a daily basis. Once she got rid of naps and school schedule became a priority, I changed to working out first thing in morning.

Pick Something you Enjoy Doing

Duh! Love to dance, try Zumba! Have a dog, go for walks. You get my point. Once you start doing something you enjoy doing, it becomes less of a chore.

Get a Workout Buddy

Sign up with a friend to help hold you accountable.

So how is that possible of for me when I workout at home? I lead and participate in virtual accountability groups, where we are all like minded people doing homeworkouts helping each other and motivating/supporting each other.

Want to learn more about my accountability group? Click here

2 thoughts on “Bla Bla Bla – go workout

  1. Brian Luckock says:

    Jackie…I have I tool I used for my team both at WhistlerBlackcomb and The Original Cakerie that incorporated your approach described here in. I didn’t want workaholics on my team but balanced people who valued spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. I’ll send it to you. Cheers! B PS thanks for staying over at your Mum’s last night, she was so grateful and thankful.


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