Not Just Another Donation

Why am I showing you a car full of garbage bags? img_4688

When I was still working in the corporate world, I wore suits everyday.  After I had my first daughter I decided to not return to work, for many reasons. I had held on to all my work clothes this whole time. You know “just in case”.

Until recently my husband noted that these clothes probably don’t fit me anymore. And he was right, so I slowly started sorting every single item.

So here I was with a pot of gold of work clothes (4 full bags to be exact), wanting to donate them to an organization who would appreciate them.

I googled and stumbled across Making Changes. An association whose mission is to help unemployed or underemployed women enter the workforce, helping them feel confident about themselves, and at no cost giving them access to business attire that they may not have been able to afford.

After dropping of my donation and a lovely chat with the ladies who work there, I walked away with gratitude for the life I have and gratitude knowing that my donation isn’t just “another donation”, it felt good knowing that my items will be helping other women in need.

My journey is about leading a healthy and fulfilling life. That isn’t just limited to health and fitness. Reaching out and helping others and your community is another great component of personal fulfillment.

If you have gently used clothes that would be suited in a work environment please support this organization.

They accept the following donations:

  • Women’s business and business casual clothing (e.g. suits, skirts, pants, blouses, jackets, dresses etc.)
  • Shoes, dress boots
  • Accessories: handbags, portfolios, jewelry, belts
  • Outerwear (coats and jackets), scarves and gloves
  • New and gently used bras
  • New undergarments
  • New hosiery (knee highs, trouser socks, pantyhose, tights)
  • New cosmetics, skin care and personal care products


One thought on “Not Just Another Donation

  1. Erin Lee says:

    Amazing!! I love this idea, and your right – we are so blessed with our lives that it feels tremendous to pay it forward. We all know how much power a good suit can give you!!!

    I feel inspired!


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