Fabletics – Yay or Nay?


Cute outfits are a good motivation in any circumstance, even more so, when it comes to working out. It makes me feel confident and gives me something to look forward to. Sometimes it can also be goal… to rock a new outfit.

I’ve been eyeing Fabletics for quite some time. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand it is co-founded by Kate Hudson. The workout wear are definitely appealing and the sign up incentives are hard to resist.

I kept seeing their recent ads on Facebook for “sign up as a VIP member and get your first outfit for $10”. Ten dollars?! I couldn’t resist. I wondered if it was too good to be true, I did in fact pick a two piece outfit for $10 USD plus shipping. I figured, worse case scenario I hate the product, I can return it and cancel my membership.

So how does it work? You sign up for free and create a VIP Account. Each month you are sent outfit ideas and you can choose to make a purchase or delay your purchase for the month. If you delay a purchase, you can still login after the fact and make a purchase if you want. The catch is, if you don’t make a purchase your account gets charged $49.95 and remains as a credit. So as long as you are on top of delaying the month you won’t get charged.

First Order

I ordered the Calliope Tank and the bestseller Salar Capri legging all for a total of $10 USD, thanks to the sign up incentive.

The order came pretty fast and that can be attributed to it coming from Ontario (that helps).

My first impression? Pleasantly surprised. The material for the Tank is super soft, and the leggings are a thicker, has great structured the outer material has a smooth silky feel.

The Fit

The true test is the fit, which can always be a crap shoot with anything you order online. I understood the sizing to be “true to size”, so I ordered a small leggings and an XS tank. Both fit perfectly! And I felt amazing in the whole outfit.

The Calliope tank (reg. $39.95) is a soft jersey with a slit  and adjustable tie in the back.

The Salar Capri leggings (reg. $64.95) are moisture wicking, with all way stretch and as the tag states “good for: hardcore cardio”. I didn’t find the leggings to be see-through. The waist is a nice mid-rise. By the way they do have high waisted leggings which I will be trying next.

I would personally give the quality of both products a thumbs up and I’m comparing these to brands like Lululemon, Zella and Victoria’s Secret.

The Workout Test

I tested the entire outfit with one of my longer, sweat drenching, heart pounding 45 minute cardio workouts. It passed the test. The leggings didn’t slide and didn’t have to fuss much with them, and the tank (although not moisture wicking) held up well. See for yourself!

The Verdict

I’m in LOVE and that also means I’m in TROUBLE – eek!

What’s your favourite workout brand? Share in comments!

4 thoughts on “Fabletics – Yay or Nay?

  1. Erin Lee says:

    Awesome!!! Good to know! I see those ads too and lets be honest – Kate Hudson sells it very well!!
    I just bought some NorthFace stuff at Strides, so will see how it performs –

    So glad someone has used it and went thru the order process of Fabletics!!


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