Exercise on vacation? Are you mad?

Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. After following Beachbody programs for the past three years it has become an element of my day that is non-negotiable.

So why should that be any different while on vacation? The beauty of using Beachbody on Demand (Beachbody’s Netflix of fitness programs)  allows me to stream my workouts, so I really have no excuse not to take my programs with me. I was recently in California on a family vacation and used my social media (also my own accountability forum) to show that you just have to make the time. Keeping up with my routine while on vacation makes it a way easier transition once you return home. That’s not a wagon I want to fall off of.

Here are some tips that help me stay on track while on vacation:

  • Get to know the Gym. Research ahead of time to see the type of gym facility,if any, that your hotel has. If there is no gym you can pre-plan a different type of workout that can easily be done in your room or outside.
  • Be prepared. If you are using Beachbody on Demand you can pre download your videos on any apple product so you can still view your program without wifi.
  • Research non video workouts.  Not a Beachbody on Demand subscriber (sorry to hear that, see below to try a free trial), don’t fret there are a lot of resources out there like on Pinterest where you can save some interval workouts that don’t require you to be streaming a video. Like this for example: Burpee Blast Intervals
  • Schedule and commit to your workout. I like to workout as soon as I wake up, so that I still have the rest of my day to enjoy my vacation. I’ll set out my gear the night before, so I’m not tinkering in the dark if the family is still sleeping in the morning.

Piqued your interest on what Beachbody on Demand is all about, try it free for 30 days. Get set up HERE 

Remember excuses don’t burn calories.

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