No magic pill – my Beachbody journey


Becoming a beachbody coach has been the greatest leap I took the past five months. I’m connecting people to fitness programs and helping them start their health and fitness journey.

My personal transformation was gradual. I first started out looking for a solution to get back in shape after two pregnancies, all while being a stay at home mom. Beachbody fitness programs was my answer. I started with Shaun T’s Focus T25 and became hooked instantly. Hooked on the convenience of working out at home, hooked on the short and effective programs, and let’s not forget hooked on the results.

While I loved the workouts I didn’t change my eating habits. I had the mentality “I can eat what I want cuz I workout”. Wrong!

I saw decent results but not to the extent I was hoping. Until January 2016 when I started following a meal plan and using the portion fix containers. Um hello can you say results? Heck ya!

Eating right is the hard part for me. It’s easy to finish off the kids plate, hit a drive thru when I’m in a pinch and overeat.

There is no secret or magic pill, I hold myself accountable and press play for my Beachbody workouts almost everyday. I eat 80/20 … 80% clean and 20% fun, and sometimes it’s 0/100%.

Today I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and hope to stick with it. The workouts are easy for me to fit in to my hectic schedule, they are short and effective. I have lost 30 pounds and 8 dress sizes and am the most fit I’ve ever been.

More importantly on top of my physical transformation, I’ve become a role model to my daughters and those around me in my life. My daughters love spending time with me when I workout and even hold me accountable.

I do this now to be strong, confident, healthy and for longevity.

Thank you all for following me on this journey!

My journey as a coach, a mom, a wife, my life as I explore Beachbody programs, and everything else that life throws at me.

I am here to help you on get started and/or continue on your own health & fitness path. Because I’m doing it to!



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